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Denita Motivates

Denita shares personal experiences and challenges, motivating and inspiring others to deliver excellence and live their best lives.

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we are

Leadership Development Professionals

We focus on

  • Developing high-performing leaders and teams
  • Navigating corporate America and the business landscape
  • Practicing wellness

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Executive Consulting

Denita helps businesses expand into new markets and grow top line revenue.

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Denita Educates, Motivates, and Inspires

Don’t trust your messaging to just anyone. Denita Willoughby has refined and fine-tuned the branding of companies and individuals across the nation. Through her collaborations, she has inspired, educated, and ignited the infrastructures of companies and individuals for positive growth and change.

How can Denita help you leverage your potential?

  • Denita will help you become inspired, empowered, and motivated by developing a personalized plan for you to reset your mindset.
  • Denita ensures that every client’s plan of action is tailored to meet very specific needs and yield dynamic change.
  • Denita has devoted her career to supporting individuals and companies who desire to plan an astounding pivot strategy.
  • Denita has helped companies, brands, teams, and leaders become more persuasive and effective through what they say and how they act.

Denita Willoughby

Executive Consultant | Motivational Speaker

Learning to rise above change, uncertainty, and adversity are attributes that are highly sought after in organizations everywhere. As a professional keynote speaker in Los Angeles, Denita has helped thousands of people become more effective communicators through:

  • Leadership Development
  • Career Navigation
  • Wellness Training
  • Life Coaching

As an experienced motivational speaker, Denita has the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to inspire audiences to pursue excellence.

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Executive Coaching & Business Transformation

We are a diverse and inclusive team of leadership development professionals who think critically and creatively to solve problems. Since 2012, by taking account of specific industry opportunities and threats, we have aided companies in optimizing their business operations, helping them to:

  • Embrace Innovation
  • Enhance Workflow
  • Cut Costs
  • Enhance Service Delivery, and
  • Increase Revenues

Life takes limitless energy. Sometimes it’s hard to entertain ideas that seem unimaginable, but if you bring different people, ideas, and skills to the table, better decisions can be made, and you can achieve better outcomes to create a better place to work for everyone.

We are passionate about assisting companies and individuals to unleash their creative side. Big Energy Group’s strategic planning and innovative processes have helped companies strategize with:

  • Creating high-performance leadership initiatives
  • Adopting a lucrative & innovative workflow

Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch

When you make what you do matter, great things happen.

A one-size-fits-all approach rarely leads to results. At Big Energy Group, we tailor the content to your audience, using your company language in keeping with your company culture.

Organizations need business speakers, leadership coaches, and consultants who will put in the effort to understand a client’s unique set of challenges. At Big Energy Group, we are leadership strategists who help people and organizations of every description take the lead, get out of their comfort zones, and create brighter futures through workplace solutions.


Deep Expertise. Limitless Potential.

There is a connection between happiness and success. Despite the efforts of many organizations to launch programs that address the infrastructure’s challenges head-on, disengagement still exists and poses a hurdle.

Big Energy Group’s business transformation services include:

  • Business Development
  • Strategic Counseling
  • Aggregating data and reducing costs

We are experts in adaptive leadership, an important skill that is critical in today’s complex business environment. We teach organizations how to

  • Demonstrate trust, appreciation, and acknowledgment meaningfully and regularly.
  • Implement practical strategies to assess, build and sustain a highly engaged culture.
  • Build a positive work climate that celebrates inclusion and encourages contribution.
  • Eradicate negative influences that sow the seeds of disengagement.

In an organization, everyone in every job needs to generate creative ideas to increase their value. At Big Energy Group, we help you develop the connections and relationships you need to maintain success and longevity in business.

The end result can be a culture of continuous service improvement, supported by ideas that boost productivity, cut expenses, and deliver measurable outcomes.

We Hone A Resilient Mindset


Setbacks and Corporate Comebacks Part I

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Setbacks and Corporate Comebacks Part II

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Choosing Happy

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Motivation is the engine that drives our individual performance. In her roles as a keynote speaker and consultant, Denita helps organizations nationally adopt effective techniques for managing talent, taking initiative, and transforming workplace cultures.

Whether you are looking to hire Denita as a motivational speaker in Los Angeles, a sales keynote speaker, a leadership speaker, a teamwork speaker, or a motivational speaker for students, Denita is the best at increasing influence and effectiveness in business and personally to yield results with an edge!

Our Raving Fans

Denita has assisted several nationally recognized brands in fostering creativity, accelerating innovation, and adapting to change. Here’s what clients are saying:

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